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 Solstice's Story



Today, the 17th of December, the days are not getter any shorter,

nor with they get any longer until the 26th.  


At our core, this situation often brings with it an atmosphere of discomfort, unease and a sort of fogginess.

We may ask ourselves, will the darkness continue to grow?


NO! We are at a pivotal moment, a place of suspension,

a tendency for the reverse to happen...

the days will get longer by a minute, then by two, by three, by four...


This is a moment (opportunity ?) for silence,

for planting seeds (for sowing seeds /for future growth?)...

It is because of this that I am proposing a (an important?)

Journey of Sounds in the days to come.


21 December at 17:00


26 December at 19:00

31 December at 15:00

03 January at 15:00

​06 January at 19:00


* In addition, Sound Journeys can be tailor-made and delivered at any time upon reservation. 

Don't hesitate to contact me!​


Subscribe by e-mail : a.chesaux(at)

or phone : +32 484 752 146

Addresse : rue Monrose, 1030 Bruxelles

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