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Life Path...

From the care and appreciation to art of self...

Ariane was born in Lausanne, Switzerland. At the age of 22, following a journey through India, she learned Shiatsu. Through extensive body and soul work including various forms of Yuichi Kawada and Kanunari Sasaki, she became certified  in Yokai Shiatsu 6 years later.


Ariane’s pathway is rich and Ariane continues to teach and practice Shiatsu still today. She offers courses in Meridian Stretching, Presence of body and Mind, Sound Meditation and Healing , Tai Chi (Great Compassion), Saber (Sword) rituals & practice along with meditative drawing.


In 1987, Ariane was deeply moved by a work entitled “Hara: the Essential Center of Man” by Graf Dürckheim. His writings express the link between movement, knowledge and inner transformations. From this time forth, Ariane begins to integrate this concept and all it embodies deeply into her practice.


From henceforth  Ariane widens her realm of practice and integrates additional disciplines that come to nourish and complete her practice and technique: she continues her learning and trains with several of Graf Dürckheim’s successors. These additional disciplines include Initiatory therapy through use of the Saber, Ikebana, Japanese floral art, Meditative Drawing, Leibtherapy transformed through Shiatsu and all that accompanies it. Ariane also regularly practices Authentic Movement and the Dance of the 5 Rhythms.


Gradually, artistic creation  is afforded more and more space in her life: she has always been an avid photographer and , she frees herself through the play of color, line, texture and materials as she paints.


In 2004, there is a shift and Sound and the application there of takes a prominent place in her practice. From that moment, the border between art and care,(if it even existed), begins to fade away. Ariane becomes a performer and Practitioner of Sound.


Sound, a body of sound; her tribe including; resonating monastic prayer bowls , gongs, crystal bowls, and also the cello which she has played  for over 10 years. She created both individual and group Sound Baths which are a unique ultra sensory experience.


Ariane writes :

It's about finding the instrument, finding the sound,

which may be  a touch, a gesture, a word, an imagination,

It resonates, it penetrates…. ,

Looking for "that" which anchors, which releases, which carries,

which allows travels, that which opens.

Working in tandem with another dance and Shiatsu Practitioner; Susanna Streiff, in 2007 she founded ARCORAME which is a wholistic approach incorporating her unique blend of practices and encompassing all that is described herein above..


Of course, it starts with a centering,

an attention, an intention

Mobilisation for life, for Movement, 

for each encounter, each Arcorame is a unique creation.

All my skills are applied for the service of the person whom I am working with .


Today, Ariane shares her time between the care and preservation of the body-soul connection, along with both internal and worldly journeys.

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