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Meeting with a visible pink unicorn 


One day in early August of 2015, I was in Portland, Oregon, where I found a  Pink Unicorn, in a wedding garden. It was a little pink thing on the beautiful green grass . From that moment on, I always kept it with me, until it left me in Geneva at the beginning of November.

During the time it was with me I took pictures of everybody I met, posing with my unicorn! I also photographed the landscapes with my visible pink unicorn in front.


I played with it and invited every person I met to do the same.


When I lost it, I was sad, so I had the thought of creating a poster, a wanted poster like in Lucky Luke or in Westerns but one of my  male friends told me that someone else had probably found it and was enjoyed playing with it. This was a relief.

The link to the  pink unicorn still reappeared in the middle of December.


One Friday I spent time with a friend , an expat woman from Belgium  who used to live in California. I gave her a pink hair extension. 


The day after, on Saturday, I was at a private concert. Next to me I noticed a little green handbag  which sat there during the whole concert. At the end of the concert a beautiful oriental woman, I believe she was a Japanese, appeared and sat next to with her green little handbag. She was wearing a  light pink fur hat. Immediately we started talking to each other like very close friends. We laughed like two birds...


On Boxing Day , a sunny day,  Robert, my husband, and I walked in a  park of Brussels different from the one we usually visit. It was on Woluwe St Lambert. the chickest area.  In front of a house was a box with some things to take for free.  Quickly , altough Robert disagreed, I looked at the box and found a white horse... I thought that  it would be good for my daughter in law, Charlotte.


At home, I looked at the horse.  To my amazement,  it is NOT a horse. It is a white unicorn with a broken ear.  ...'  Mmmh


In the end, I abandoned the idea of the wanted poster and used Facebook and  other media to spread the word instead.


In fact,   I  only lost the object  of the unicorn. I didn't  lose the link with the unicorn . Did it invisibly come back to me?


Relaxed and curious I waited for a sign, following up our story.

Sijin lives near  Berlin and comes from China, south of Tibet.


Sijin was flabbergasted by my hair  extensions. I took a light pink hair extension from my head and gave it to her. She said to me: “NO, l like  dark pink!”


“Mhm .... strange.....”I realized  : “it's always the  dark pink extension, the  color of my unicorn .....”.


Last winter, when I wore a rainbow colored haircut, I gave some pink hair extensions to some close friends and my sister. I always gave away the pink extensions, never the other colors... 


And now, during two days time, I gave two pink hair extensions.


Is there a link between the visible pink unicorn and tese women, with every woman who received a pink hair extension?  


The Californian woman gave me back the pink extension. Didn't she want to belong to this new  sisterhood?

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