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By the Solstice




Wednesday, December 21, 2016 


1.5 hour sessions available at  8:30 , 14:00 and 20:00


In the heart of Winter 

Celebrating the passage

The Return

The Days get longer


Stop for an hour

Rest and really land, take time to breath 


Be with what is 


In the relaxation

Let yourself be surprised

Feel Welcomed, Be Welcomed



Loose and comfortable clothing for either sitting in a chair or on the floor 


There will be a box available for your donation /contribution : suggested amount of 15 Euros per person.


The maximum participants will be 12 people per Journey.


Subscription by e-mail : a.chesaux(at)

or by phone : +32 484 752 146

Addresse : rue Monrose, 1030 Bruxelles



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