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Another vision of yourself...

Share your beauty, your smile, your emotion,

in te Dansaert district !

What's Metamorphose ?

Creation of a film composed of 22 Metamorphoses clothing scenes with inhabitants of the Dansaert neighborhood interwoven with 21 images of Hope.The film is a compilation of portraits, each set in an original scene. It will be projected in local shops, cultural venues, restaurants, and in the streets of the Dansaert district.

The film :

Can clothing make a monk ?


22 people of different ages and shapes, play with their images. Photographed in different outfits originating from their own personal wardrobe, as well as from participating stores.Images of hope, creation of smiles through rays of sun - raising a desire to communicate.


These images compose the film. Presentation of Self, an appearance, another view onto the outward appearance and the inner-self.


This film will be projected on the walls, and sidewalks with built-in bright screens in several partner sites in the Dansaert district. The projections on the windows of the Dansaert area will color, animate, and provide a certain dream-like atmosphere. Special attention will be paid to the rich diversity of the places and of those engaged in this highly participatory project.


The aim is to share experiences, through round tables for discussion and spaces for exchange with different stakeholders.






















Goal :

Metamorphoses aims to support the residents and visitors, to foster confidence in their creativity, to open up new occasions for potential and to create more user-friendly links.

Support shop-keepers with an innovative dynamic, based on exchange, change and the desire to evolve.


To beautify the area by bringing together both merchants and inhabitants. To Invite and to modestly reinvent with willingness, beauty, smiles and emotion ...


Description des tenues : 

Les tenues non précisées  viennent du magasin Gabriele Vintage

GRP : garde robe personnelle

Robe des années 70

Bottines Sylvia. GRP 

Training Miss Six Ty

Un chapeau aviateur des années 30

Chaussures five fingers 

GRP modèle en soie des années 20 refaite au Vietnam

Mules des années 50

Manteau satin de soie et chapeau des années 40

Chaussure Michel Perry

La robe, forme Courrèges années 65

Chapeau des années 40

Collier Alexandra Tsoukala

Chaussure Twins


T-shirt dharma Trading Co,

Jupe, modifiable en robe,  modernisation des dhotis (jupe indienne pour hommes) de Patou Saint Germain 

Les bottines Pisaverde 

Étole Issey Miyake


Étole en soie

de Mélanie Decourcey. 

Jupe, modifiable en robe,  modernisation des dhotis (jupe indienne pour hommes) de Patou Saint Germain 

Bottines Sylvia.

Ombrelle et chapeau des années 50


Croise cœur de Super Mix Véritable

Bottines Sylvia

Peignoir des année 50

La toque léopard, une tenue de scène des années 60

Zori du Facteur céleste 

Manteau de cérémonie, chapeau, et ombrelle des années 60

Étole en vison des années 50

Bottine Sylvia GPR


by the metamorphoses ?


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Schema du filme Metamorphoses

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